Federal Transportation Improvement Program (FTIP)

The Federal Transportation Improvement Program (FTIP) is a federally mandated four-year program of all surface transportation projects that will receive federal funding or are subject to a federally required action. As the Metropolitan Planning Agency (MPO) for the region, SJCOG is responsible for developing the FTIP for submittal to Caltrans and the federal funding agencies. SJCOG prepares and maintains the FTIP in partnership with our member agencies and in cooperation with state and federal agencies and the eight San Joaquin Valley counties.

This program lists every transportation project that will receive federal funds or that is subject to a federally required action, such as a review and approval of environmental documents. This means that many-but not all-transit, highway, local roadway, bicycle and pedestrian investments are included in the FTIP. The projects included in the FTIP have been found to be consistent with SJCOG's Regional Transportation Plan (RTP).

The FTIP must comply with three key tests. First, it must give the public the opportunity to comment. Second, it must demonstrate that the amount of dollars programmed (committed) to the projects does not exceed the amount of dollars estimated to be available. Therefore the FTIP includes a financial summary that demonstrates financial constraint, namely that sufficient financial capacity exists for programmed projects to be implemented. Third, it must conform to the State Implementation Plan for the region with consideration to federal Clean Air Act.

Learn more about the FTIP by viewing the FTIP slides.

Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) Cost Effectiveness Documentation

The CMAQ funds transportation projects contributing to the reduction of criteria pollutants in federally-designated non-attainment and maintenance regions. In 2007, all San Joaquin Valley MPOs adopted policies for distributing a minimum of 20 percent of CMAQ funds to projects meeting cost-effectiveness thresholds for emission reductions. In the 2023 FTIP, which covers Federal Fiscal Years (FFYs) 2022/2023 through 2025/2026, SJCOG is investing 53 percent towards highly cost-effective projects (less than $63 per pound of the region's criteria pollutants).

Annual Obligation Report

Federal law requires Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO), such as the San Joaquin Council of Governments (SJCOG), to publish annual listings of projects for which federal funds have been obligated in the San Joaquin County region for the preceding Federal Fiscal Year (FFY). View the FFY 2022/23 Annual Obligation Report.

  1. 2023 FTIP Amendments
  2.  Final 2023 FTIP
  3. 2021 FTIP Amendments
  4. Final 2021 FTIP

The table below identifies the status of amendments to the 2023 FTIP. View the grouped project listings.

NumberTypeDescriptionSJCOG ApprovalFHWA/FTA Approval
35Administrative Modification
Grouped Pavement Resurfacing/Rehabilitation, TDM
34Administrative Modification
Ripon CNG vehicle, Grouped Traffic Controls, Grouped Pavement Resurfacing/Rehabilitation
33Administrative Modification
Grouped Rehab of Transit Vehicles & Rail Assets, Grouped Passenger Shelters & Kiosks, SR 99/120 Connector Phase 1A
32Administrative Modification
Grouped Recon/Renov Transit/Rail Structures, Grouped Transit Operating Assistance, Grouped Purchase Buses & Rail Assets, SR 99/120 Connector Phase 1A
31Administrative Modification
Grouped Bike/Ped. Facilities, Grouped Pavement Resurfacing/Rehabilitation
30Administrative Modification
SR 99/120 Connector Phase 1A
29Administrative Modification
SHOPP Collision Reduction; SHOPP Minor; Tracy ACE Station Improvements
28Administrative Modification
SR 99/120 Connector Phase 1A
27Administrative Modification
Vehicle Replacements; Lathrop EV Charging; Manteca Transit Bus Purchase; ACE Ticketing System; HSIP
26Administrative ModificationSHOPP Mobility11/16/2023n/a
25Administrative Modification
Grouped Highway Bridge Program (HBP)
24Administrative Modification
Grouped Pavement Resurfacing/Rehabilitation, SHOPP Emergency Response, and SHOPP Minor10/19/2023n/a
23Administrative ModificationSR 99/120 Connector Phase 1A09/28/2023n/a
22Formal AmendmentCMAQ and CRP Projects
21Administrative Modification
Lodi Bus Procurements
20Administrative Modification
Grouped Pavement Resurfacing/Rehabilitation
19Administrative Modification 
HIP and RSTP funding changes
18Formal Amendment
Grouped Project Listings; CMAQ & STBG/RSTP Apportionment Updates). 
17Administrative Modification 
Manteca Transit Bus Purchase
16Administrative Modification
Grouped Pavement Resurfacing/Rehabilitation
15Administrative ModificationTracy Transit Bus Improvements07/18/2023n/a
14Administrative ModificationManteca Transit Operations, HSIP07/12/2023n/a
13Administrative ModificationSR 99/120 Connector Phase 1B07/11/2023n/a
12Administrative ModificationSJRTD, Grouped Planning Activities, Grouped Bike/Ped. Facilities, SHOPP Emergency Response, SHOPP Roadway Preservation, SHOPP Collision Reduction, SHOPP Minor, TDM, Tracy Transit Operations, Tracy Transit Capital Cost of Contracting, Manteca Transit Operations07/05/2023n/a
11Formal AmendmentSJRRC, Grouped Planning Activities, SR 99/120 Connector Phase 1A, SHOPP Emergency Response, SHOPP Minor06/22/202307/07/2023
10Administrative ModificationSJRRC, SHOPP Bridge, I-580/International/Patterson Pass Interchange06/01/2023n/a
9Administrative ModificationTDM (CRRSAA RSTP)
8Formal AmendmentStockton MLK Blvd. Underpass Reconstruction, Stockton Hazelton/UPRR Grade Separation, Tracy Grant Line Adaptive Signal System
7Administrative Modification
Tracy ACE Station Improvements, North Lathrop Multimodal Transfer Station
6Administrative Modification
Corral Hollow/Valpico Signal, Corral Hollow/Linne Signal, I-580/International/Patterson Pass Interchange
5Administrative Modification
4Administrative Modification
Louise/McKinley Intersection Improvements
3Administrative Modification
HSIP, Grouped Bike/Ped. Facilities, Grouped Pavement Resurfacing/Rehabilitation, FTA 5311 Rural Transit Services
2Administrative ModificationSR 99/120 Connector Phase 1A, SR 99/120 Connector Phase 1B, HBP, Grouped FTA 5310 Transit Services, Grouped FTA 5310 Bus Purchases
1Formal AmendmentATP, North Lathrop Multimodal Transfer Station, Manteca Station Rider Safety Improvement & Station Modernization, ACE Locomotive Zero Emission Engine Conversion Study