Federal Transportation Improvement Program (FTIP)

The Federal Transportation Improvement Program (FTIP) is a federally mandated four-year program of all surface transportation projects that will receive federal funding or are subject to a federally required action. As the Metropolitan Planning Agency (MPO) for the region, SJCOG is responsible for developing the FTIP for submittal to Caltrans and the federal funding agencies. SJCOG prepares and maintains the FTIP in partnership with our member agencies and in cooperation with state and federal agencies and the eight San Joaquin Valley counties.

This program lists every transportation project that will receive federal funds or that is subject to a federally required action, such as a review and approval of environmental documents. This means that many-but not all-transit, highway, local roadway, bicycle and pedestrian investments are included in the FTIP. The projects included in the FTIP have been found to be consistent with SJCOG's Regional Transportation Plan (RTP).

The FTIP must comply with three key tests. First, it must give the public the opportunity to comment. Second, it must demonstrate that the amount of dollars programmed (committed) to the projects does not exceed the amount of dollars estimated to be available. Therefore the FTIP includes a financial summary that demonstrates financial constraint, namely that sufficient financial capacity exists for programmed projects to be implemented. Third, it must conform to the State Implementation Plan for the region with consideration to federal Clean Air Act.

  1. 2023 FTIP Amendments
  2.  Final 2023 FTIP
  3. 2021 FTIP Amendments
  4. Adopted 2021 FTIP
  5. 2019 FTIP Amendments
  6. Adopted 2019 FTIP
  7.  2017 FTIP Amendments
  8. Adopted  2017 FTIP 
  9. Annual Listing of Projects
  10. Group Project Listing

The table below identifies the status of amendments to the 2023 FTIP.

NumberTypeSJCOG ApprovalFHWA/FTA Approval
8Formal Amendment05/25/2023Pending
7Administrative Modification
6Administrative Modification
5Administrative Modification
4Administrative Modification
3Administrative Modification
2Administrative Modification01/12/2023n/a
1Formal Amendment09/22/202212/16/2022