Public Involvement

Public participation is an important part of the planning process. SJCOG provides information, timely public notice, and access to key decisions to support early and continuing public involvement in developing its regional plans. There are a variety of ways to learn more and become involved:

Image of 2016 Public Participation Plan CoverReview SJCOG's official
 public participation plan.

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Image of a smiling man in an orange cap peaking his head out of a train window Request a speaker to address your organization about the transportation planning process in the San Joaquin County.

Image of SJCOG BuildingThe Enterprise System Catalog is published in compliance with SB 272. 

Image of a Sunrise Silhouette of three construction workers with tools The SJCOG prepared stand-alone procedures for government-to-government consultation with Native American Tribal Governments in San Joaquin County. View the resolution and report.