Goods Movement

Trucking ImageThe movement of goods and people is the primary function of a highly accessible highway and regional roadway transportation system that links San Joaquin County to major destinations (e.g. Port of Stockton and Airports). SJCOG supports the growing demand for goods movement through our planning and programming efforts.

Moving goods and people throughout the megaregion is also a critical component linked to the collaboration amongst 3 regional planning agencies known as the “Megaregion Dozen”. SJCOG, Sacramento Council of Governments, and Metropolitan Transportation Commission assembled a “Megaregion Working Group” to identify projects of megaregion significance between 6 counties of the Sacramento County area, San Joaquin County, and 9 counties of the San Francisco Bay Area.


SJCOG’s RTP/SCS built in a multitude of projects further supporting the infrastructure needed to improve the movement of goods and people. For more information, please see the Regional Transportation Plan & Sustainable Communities Strategy webpage.  


Studying goods movement is an important element of SJCOG’s planning efforts.