San Joaquin County Transportation Innovation Planning Study

SJCOG completed a Transportation Innovation Planning Study, or Innovation Study, for San Joaquin County in April 2021. The Innovation Study better prepares SJCOG for a future with various advancements in technology by supplying background information, including funding opportunities, and potential innovation inspired strategies for theTIPS Webpage Photo 2022 Regional Transportation Plan / Sustainable Communities Strategy (RTP/SCS) and beyond. In addition, a Fiber Readiness Study was recommended as the near-term pilot project.

The Fiber Readiness Study was completed in February 2022. The Fiber Readiness Study serves as an informational guide for our public partners in San Joaquin County that are considering expanding the middle-mile fiber network, a form of high-speed internet. The fiber network consists of two types: (1) last-mile fiber – the connection directly to a business/residence; and (2) middle-mile fiber – the regional/national connection to which the last-mile fiber connects.

Final Work Products

  1. Transportation Innovation Planning Study (Final)
  2. Fiber Readiness Study (Final)