Regional Transportation Plan & Sustainable Communities Strategy 

Help plan the region! Tell us your priorities for Envision 2050, San Joaquin County’s Regional Transportation Plan & Sustainable Communities Strategy by taking our interactive survey below! The English version of the survey closed June 30, 2020 but there is still time to fill out our Spanish version which ends August 1, 2020.   

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The Regional Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy (RTP/SCS) is an ambitious regional plan. Whether you get around by car, on transit, walk or ride a bike, the Plan works to improve your mobility in the region over the next 20+ years. As the region’s comprehensive long-range transportation plan, the RTP/SCS serves as a guide for achieving balanced investment in all modes of transportation.

Due to COVID-19, staff will conduct non contact outreach (i.e. online survey, provide printed materials upon request, updates on our social media, webinars). If you would like staff to host a webinar please contact

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SJCOG is dedicated in finding new ways to reach the public about the Plan. The agency recently held an informational webinar on the RTP/SCS and hopes to hold more virtual workshops in the future. See table below for webinar materials and recording. 

NameDatePresentation Video
Envision 2050 Webinar: RTP/SCS 10104/30/20PowerPointWebinar Video
The RTP/SCS’ Community Impact Webinar06/23/2020
Webinar Video

How does SJCOG track progress on goals set in the RTP/SCS?

Keeping up with data trends is one of the ways SJCOG and interested citizens can see how transportation projects from the RTP/SCS are contributing to reaching plan goals. Some of the indicators that SJCOG tracks are shown in the graphics below from our Regional Progress Report. To see more indicators and data tracked for San Joaquin County, please visit Community Pulse, an interactive data website with several resources!

While tracking progress on 2018 goals, SJCOG is conducting several planning studies to both boost the success of the current plan and prepare for the 2022 RTP/SCS update. These studies, funded through SJCOG’s SB1 planning funds, are summarized here: Please read about them here.

RTP/SCS Amendments

The table below identifies the status of amendments to the 2018 RTP/SCS.

Formal Amendment

Formal Amendment PendingN/A
Formal Amendment

4Formal AmendmentPending

If you have any questions or comments regarding amendments please contact Ryan Niblock. Contact information is provided in the above right sidebar. 

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Additional Resources

Are you looking for an answer to a question about San Joaquin County's RTP/SCS? Do you need a term or acronym defined? This section is here to highlight key information.


Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) factsheet lists answers for the most commonly asked questions about the RTP/SCS and the regional planning process.

Highlighted Projects

The RTP/SCS invests $11 billion in transportation projects over the next 27 years. To find out what projects are included in your area, see the RTP Project List.


While we aim to use plain language in our communications, sometimes acronyms and jargon will creep into discussions and documents about regional planning issues. For this we sincerely apologize and offer a glossary of selected terms and acronyms related to the RTP/SCS and regional planning process.