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Policy Conference Presentations & Photos

Presentations: Day 1 - Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Keynote SpeakerJosé Hernández
Session 1Partnership Opportunities Between the Valley and the California Transportation Commission
Session 2Stockton Diamond: Unlocking Future of San Joaquin Valley
Session 3The Future of Regional Housing Policy in California
Session 4The Intersection of Transportation & Housing as VMT Mitigation
Session 5Affordable Housing & Forging Partnerships
Session 6Federal Funding: Making IIJA Work for the Valley
Session 7HCD Office Hours
Session 8Tradeport California: A System of Sustainable Inland Ports
Session 9Transforming the Housing Funding Landscape
Session 10Diverging Diamond Interchange Development in the Central Valley: From Planning through Construction
Session 11Valley Rail & High-Speed Rail Connectivity & Enhancements
Session 12Tell Me a Story..
Session 13You Have a Housing Element, Now What? Successful Implementation Tools & Strategies
Session 14Finishing What We Started on State Route 99: Director's Discussion, Group 1

Presentations: Day 2 - Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Session 15Finishing What We Started on State Route 99 (Directors Discussion) Group 2| Final Questions
Session 16It's Electrifying!
Session 17Role Agencies Play on Mobility on State Route 99
Session 18The CERF Experiment: Building Economic Prosperity Through Research & Partnerships
Session 19Innovations in the Valley: Spotlight on Sustainable Transportation Equity
LuncheonBlueprint Awards


View below slideshow of some photos taken at the 2023 San Joaquin Valley Policy Conference Better Together. View all photos here and view instructions for downloading and previewing images here.