map of Future RCMP Network
The Regional Congestion Management Program (RCMP) outlines the Congestion Management Agency (CMA)’s strategies for managing the performance of the regional transportation system, as required by Federal and state legislation and stipulated by the Countywide adoption of the half cent sales tax referendum for transportation in 2006 (i.e., Measure K Renewal).   

A RCMP policy report is mandated to be updated approximately every two years, with a monitoring report prepared after each adopted policy document. 

The goal of the RCMP is to have new land uses developed in tandem with the necessary transportation network improvements by coordinating the land use, air quality, and transportation planning processes.

2020 RCMP Updates
The 2020 RCMP Monitoring Report was adopted by the SJCOG Board on June 25, 2020

2019 RCMP Updates
The 2019 RCMP Monitoring Report was adopted by SJCOG Board on June 27, 2019. 

2018 RCMP Updates
The 2018 RCMP Update was adopted by the SJCOG Board on April 26, 2018. 

Previous Updates 
2016 RCMP Update 
2016 Monitoring Report
  1. RCMP Defined
  2. RCMP Requirements
  3. RCMP Network
  4. RCMP Documents

The RCMP is a coordinated process to monitor congestion, identify congestion problems, and program funding towards projects that reduce regional congestion. The RCMP includes strategies for the safe and effective management of the regional transportation system such as monitoring and maintenance, demand reduction, land-use analysis and mitigation, operational management strategies, and strategic capacity enhancements. As such, implementing the RCMP fosters a holistic, well-rounded approach to transportation planning that includes consideration of multiple goals, including economic vitality, safety, livability multimodal choices, and the environment.

The RCMP contains the following required components:

  • Traffic level-of-service standards for State highways and principal arterials
  • Multimodal performance measures to evaluate current and future systems
  • A capital program of projects to maintain or improve the performance of the system or mitigate the regional impacts of land use projects
  • A program to analyze the impacts of land use decisions on the transportation system 
  • A travel demand element that promotes transportation alternatives to the single-occupant vehicle