San Joaquin One Voice®

One Voice logoSan Joaquin One Voice® is SJCOG’s legislative program for San Joaquin County promoting issues of regional significance to federal legislators and agencies typically through an annual trip to Washington, D.C. The purpose of the program is to advocate for increased funding and/or new or amended legislation for issues and projects of regional significance to the San Joaquin region.

Staff attended an in-person advocacy trip to Washington D.C. from May 8-12, 2022. 

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  4. 2022 Regional Projects

The One Voice® approach is positively recognized and viewed as a means of helping our elected federal representatives to prioritize and shepherd needed projects and programs crucial to improving infrastructure and transportation choices in San Joaquin County through the federal budget process. For the 2022 One Voice® program, staff is recommending that projects be aligned based on legislative themes:

  • Social Equity and Accessibility - The San Joaquin Council of Governments and its member communities are committed to developing and implementing strategies that improve transportation infrastructure and access, particularly in underserved and disadvantaged communities. SJCOG has included a Sustainable Community Strategy in its Regional Transportation Plan effort and will foster coordinated planning with neighboring cities, counties, and other governmental entities to agree upon regional strategies and policies for dealing with the regional impacts of growth on transportation, housing, and the environment.
  • Transportation Sustainability and Resiliency - San Joaquin County is part of the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District. Our district is one of the two areas of the United States with the most significant air quality challenges. In order to address our air quality challenges, SJCOG is tasked with examining programs and policies to reduce transportation emissions while at the same time improving transportation mobility options for our citizens. SJCOG and its member communities will undertake actions to prepare for and adapt to the impacts of climate change and continue to improve infrastructure networks that work for all users. SJCOG is taking steps to identify the barriers to, and opportunities for, clean energy deployment throughout the region.
  • Innovation and Mobility - San Joaquin Council of Governments supports the development of innovative technology in transit. SJCOG actively promotes forward-thinking approaches to improve transit financing, planning, system design, and service and also supports innovative approaches to advance strategies that promote accessibility, including equitable and equivalent accessibility for all travelers. SJCOG is working to foster innovative transit technologies, practices, and solutions that advance the state of practice for public transportation in the region and leverage private sector investments in mobility for the benefit of transit.
  • Economic Growth - San Joaquin County is an economic gateway for goods and services and is home to many people who provide support to economic activity in neighboring counties and the United States as a whole. SJCOG believes that commercial hubs and affordable housing infrastructure can be the tools to improve economic activity inside and outside San Joaquin County.

Our efforts are positively recognized at the federal level and we have been encouraged to continue our collaborative approach and build upon the relationships and communications established with our federal representatives. 

Although Congress stopped earmarking funds in 2010, the federal government still distributes hundreds of billions of dollars through formula and discretionary programs. The San Joaquin One Voice® group takes this opportunity to receive counsel from legislators, legislative staff and the administration about the various federal programs and teach us how we can successfully compete in the grant process.