San Joaquin Council of Governments


555 East Weber Avenue
Stockton, CA 95202



Name Title Email Phone
Ablang, Melissa Administrative Technician 209-235-1093
Anderson, Isaiah Assistant Regional Planner 209-235-0452
Boyd, Laurel Associate Habitat Planner 209-235-0574
Calija, Rebecca E. Manager of Administrative Services 209-235-0600
Campos, Joel Associate Regional Planner 209-235-1090
Castle, Lynnetta Senior Accountant 209-235-0580
Castro, Katy Administrative Technician 209-235-0591
Corrales, Christine Senior Regional Planner 209-235-0128
Davis, Yvette Senior Program Specialist 209-235-1092
Dial, Steve Deputy Executive Director/Chief Financial Officer 209-235-0584
Goldlist, Ashley Associate Regional Planner 209-235-1095
Gutierrez, Rosie Office Administrator 209-235-0407
Hersom, Sarah Administrative Technician 209-235-0409
Kloeb, Kim Senior Regional Planner 209-235-0578
Kohaya, Timothy Senior Regional Planner 209-235-0389
Lang, Hailey Senior Regional Planner 209-235-0582
Maynard, Stephanie Assistant Program Specialist 209-235-0589
Mayo, Steve Project Manager 209-235-0585
Michaud, Keith Communications Journalist 209-235-0593
Nguyen, Diane Executive Director 209-235-0442
Niblock, Ryan Deputy Director of Programming and Project Delivery 209-235-0588
Orosco, Grace Chief Accountant 209-235-0454
Saini, Daljit Accounting Assistant I 209-235-0583
Sharma, Vikram Information Technology Manager 209-235-0445
Solario, Gregory Junior Accountant 209-235-0587
Solis, Shyla Programming Analyst 209-235-0577
Yokoyama, Travis Senior Regional Planner 209-235-0451
Zamora-Garcia, Gabby Administrative Technician 209-235-0450
Zeiter, Rosie Accounting Assistant I 209-235-0581