While the main purpose of transportation projects is to ease congestion and improve safety, improving the appearance through landscaping and other enhancements also plays a critical role in our roadways. The more obvious benefits have to do with aesthetics, but less apparent are other benefits from improving appearances — increasing safety through erosion control, encouraging economic development, and improving air quality by removing pollutants. These all connect people, resources and communities.

East Channel Street Streetscape and Connectivity Project — San Joaquin Regional Rail Commission

The East Channel Street Streetscape and Connectivity Project will improve safety and connectively. It will also improve the 
and encourage further revitalization of Downtown Stockton through new sidewalks, high visibility crosswalks, 
bike lanes, street lighting,  landscaping and other improvements. Final design for the project is being completed and 
construction is expected to begin in spring 2023.


Miner Avenue Complete Street Improvements — Stockton

The Miner Avenue Complete Street Improvements project renovated Miner Avenue between Center Street and Aurora 
Street by reducing vehicle travel lanes from two to one in each direction, repaving the roadway, adding buffered bicycle 
lanes, landscaped medians, and a roundabout at the intersection of Miner Avenue and San Joaquin Street repurposing the
Hunter Square Fountain Spire at its center. Other streetscape amenities — bike racks, benches, trash receptacles and 
landscaping along the widened sidewalks — will help to revitalize 
Miner Avenue to help incentivize economic development 
in this corridor.

Miner Avenue Roundabout

State Route 99/Turner Road Interchange — Lodi

The State Route 99 and Turner R99-Turner 3oad interchange project in Lodi not only 
will make it safer for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists, it will improve the
appearance to one of the city’s gateways encouraging motorists to pull off
State Route 99 and spend time and money in Lodi businesses. A roundabout
with decorative streetscape and landscaping will be installed at the SR 99
off-ramp/Turner Road loop ramp intersection to control traffic and greatly
improving the aesthetics. Groundbreaking for this project was in November
2022 and construction is expected to be completed by fall 2024.

99-Turner 1

99-Turner 2