Roadway Maintenance

Local street repair is a major part of Measure K and in Fiscal Year 2021-22 cities and county invested more than $26.8 million.

Street Repairs Program - Escalon

The city of Escalon has an ongoing program to improve aging roadways within the city that require repair and repaving, and for 
sidewalk modifications for accessibility locations. A multi-year plan for these improvements is used to determine the locations 
for each funding cycle. Current locations include David Drive and Coley Avenue, Brennan Avenue at Highway 120, and Vintage
Estate Street.

Escalon rd main 1

Escalon rd main 2

Congestion Relief and Roadway Maintenance - Lathrop

Lathrop LogoLathrop used Measure K funds to help relieve traffic congestion and preserve streets and roads 
throughout the city. The funds were also used to provide traffic calming measures to reduce traffic 
speeds and improve safety for pedestrians, cyclists and motorist.

Stockton Avenue Rehabilitation Project - Ripon

The Measure K funRipon rd main 1ds were used for the Stockton Avenue Rehabilitation Project to
reconstruct the road from Second Street to Doak Boulevard. Underground utilities,
including water, sewer, and storm drain lines, were replaced. The road was
resurfaced in concrete pavers and widened to accommodate a travel lane in each
direction and a two-way left turn lane. Additionally, sidewalks were added to each
side of the street. The roadway is primarily industrial, but residents also regularly
drive on it.

Ripon rd main 4Ripon rd main 2Ripon rd main 3

Pavement Maintenance Program - San Joaquin County

San Joaquin County treated over 110 miles of roadway this year through its seven-year cyclical crack seal, chip seal, and slurry
seal programs. These pavement preservation programs help to prolong the life of the pavement and protect the public's
investment in our roadway infrastructure.

Chip Seal - CopyCrack Seal - Copy

Slurry Seal Local Rd - Copy

Pavement Rehabilitation Program and Street Improvement Program - Tracy

Tracy logo 1Tracy used Measure K funding for the city’s annual Pavement Rehabilitation 
Program and annual Street Improvement Program to perform much needed 
repairs to the city’s roadway infrastructure to enhance travel and safety on 
major arterials throughout the city. The annual pavement improvements 
included grinding, paving, slurry sealing, signing, striping, traffic signal loop 
replacement, sidewalk repair, curb and gutter repair, and curb ramp 
replacement. Work was done along Tracy Boulevard between 12th Street and 
Lowell Avenue, on Valpico Road between Tracy Boulevard and MacArthur 
Drive, for Grant Line Road Improvements, and repairs along Clover Road. 
More work was done via Tracy’s Street Improvement Program on Naglee 
Road, Hollywood Avenue, Mae Avenue and 12th Street.

Tracy rd main