Rail Transit

Traveling by rail is a great, inexpensive way to commute or simply get around the Central Valley and beyond. Measure K is helping to make travel by rail even more convenient with funding for these projects:

SJRRC and ACE Operations

The Altamont Corridor Express (ACE Rail), owned by the San Joaquin Regional Rail Commission (SJRRC), is a commuter 
rail service between the Northern San Joaquin Valley and the Bay Area, connecting Stockton and San Jose. Measure K is used 
to fund this service and other projects to expand and improve rail service throughout the region. Total ACE passenger 
ridership for Fiscal Year 2021-22 increased 
100% over the previous fiscal year to 321,752.

ACE Loco and Rail Cars (002)

Robert J. Cabral Station Extension

The Robert J. Cabral Station Track Extension Project will be constructed in the existing right of way along the Union Pacific 
Railroad (UPRR) in Stockton. The project will construct a separate track and associated infrastructure to provide a direct 
connection between the Altamont Corridor Express (ACE) Rail Maintenance Facility and the Cabral Station platform. The 
track extension will allow ACE trains to leave the maintenance facility, travel a short distance on the Sacramento Subdivision 
(1,680 Feet), and then switch back onto an extended Cabral Station. Overall, the project will improve operations by providing 
a more efficient movement of ACE trains in the same footprint of the existing railroad infrastructure. Construction is 
anticipated to begin in late summer 2023.

Cabral Station_Train arrivesCabral Station_passengers

Rail Capital Maintenance and Layover Facility Improvements 

The Stockton Regional Rail Maintenance Facility (RMF) Expansion project will provide a cost-effective option for maintaining 
the new state-owned intercity rail equipment by expanding the existing, centrally located ACE maintenance facility in Stockton. 
Currently, the RMF has the capacity to store six full trainsets of various lengths without effecting operations. The Stockton RMF 
Expansion would allow for the repair, maintenance and storage of new state-owned Siemens Venture cars for the San Joaquins. 
Construction is scheduled to be completed by summer 2023.

ACe Maintenance

East Channel Street Streetscape and Connectivity Project

A project in Stockton by the San Joaquin Regional Rail Commission will greatly improve the ability for regional residents to 
travel between the Robert J. Cabral Station, the San Joaquin Regional Transit District’s Downtown Transit Center, and beyond 
to the city’s waterfront and entertainment district. Street improvements to Channel, Stanislaus, Grant and Aurora streets will 
upgrade that connectivity. The project will strengthen active transportation connections through new sidewalks, high visibility 
crosswalks, bike lanes, street lighting, landscaping and other improvements. The idea is to encourage people to use different 
types of transportation and further the revitalization of Downtown Stockton. Final design for the project is being completed 
and construction is expected to begin in spring 2023.