dibs Logodibs is the San Joaquin Council of Government’s Transportation Demand Management Program promoting smart travel options, such as carpooling, vanpooling, riding transit and biking to work to improve air quality and reduce traffic congestion in San Joaquin, Stanislaus and Merced counties. The dibs trip planning system has attracted 11,267 members who receive information and use smart travel options.

San Joaquin County Vanpool Program 

dibs vanpoolsVanpools are one of the most effective transportation options to
reduce congestion and improve air quality in the region. SJCOG 
partners with the San Joaquin Regional Transit District and 
Commute with Enterprise to participate in the Federal Transit  
Administration’s (FTA) National Transit Database (NTD) program.  
This program provides SJCOG the opportunity to report vanpool  
data with the potential of increasing transit funding for the San
Joaquin County. In order to report data, Measure K funds a  
monthly monetary incentive to vanpool drivers who collect data  
and report through Enterprise vanpool online portal. The results:  
244 new vanpools; 321 total vanpools; 300% increase from prior  
year; estimated 17 million vehicle miles reduced; 963 cars off the road.


San Joaquin County Park And Ride Lots 

Park and RidePark and Ride lots offer a convenient location to transfer
from a single passenger vehicle or bicycle to a carpool,
vanpool or transit option. SJCOG works with RTD to
implement a park and ride lot program to make it
convenient for commuters and transit users by collaborating
with local organizations and businesses to provide spaces
for commuters. Measure K funds two leased lots that provide
commuters a meeting place typically before a long journey.
These lots complement the existing lots developed by cities
and Caltrans.

Bike Month

To support active transportation and the Measure K Bicycle and Pedestrian Program, dibs
organizes an annual bike month campaign to encourage commuters to consider an alternative to
driving alone and utilize the amenities and bike infrastructures developed by cities and county.
Although COVID-19 had an impact on the ability to coordinate in-person events, dibs adjusted
by offering fun virtual opportunities to participate, while still encouraging biking to foster
healthy living.

dibs Bike Month