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vintage e-Trans Local Transit

Escalon eTrans

Escalon eTrans provides connections to medical, shopping, and educational destinations in the City of Modesto and provides local connections to regional transit such as the Modesto Area Express (MAX), Modesto Area Dial-A-Ride, and Stanislaus County’s StaRT service.

etrans Ridership 

Lodi Grapeline vintageLocal Transit

Lodi Grapeline

Lodi Grapline partners with other local transit agencies in San Joaquin county, to aid in transit around Lodi, especially the tourist-heavy downtown. Lodi Grapeline is part of Access San Joaquon improve transportation services to seniors, individuals with disabilities and those residing in outlying areas of the County. 

Grapeline Ridership 2

Ripon Blossom vintageLocal Transit

Ripon Blossom Express

The City of Ripon’s Blossom Express connects riders throughout Ripon and Modesto and provides local connections to regional transit service providers San Joaquin RTD and Modesto Area Express (MAX)

Ripon Ridership