SJCOG, in coordination with all seven transit agencies, plans to launch
the EZ hub mobile ticketing feature within the Vamos Mobility trip
planning application. This partnership is the first of its kind in our region
in that all our region’s transit fares will be available for purchase within
the same trip planning application. With the integration of EZ hub into
the Vamos Mobility App, users will be able to seamless plan trips,
buy multiple tickets, and even email themselves receipts, all within one
 application. Benefits include:

  • Provide more comfort to users with a contactless payment feature to accommodate for
    social distancing policies 
  • Transit users will be able to purchase tickets for all six bus agencies and ACE within the
    Vamos Mobility App. Users are also able to plan and store tickets for a future date and
    determine whether riding a bike will be a faster option. 
  • Offer a “one-stop shop” for San Joaquin residents to easily plan trips and purchase
     necessary transit passes in one place. 
  • Encourage more transit ridership by developing a regionally focused and user-friendly
  • Additionally, Vamos currently allows users to plan trips within Stanislaus County.
    San Joaquin County residents who travel to places like the Vintage Faire Mall or
    Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Modesto, can use the Vamos app to plan trips.
    Upon the launch of EZ hub, SJCOG plans to begin talks with StanCOG to potentially
    expand the EZ hub feature into Stanislaus County. This would allow riders to purchase
    tickets from all transit agencies within both counties.

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