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SJCOG Board of Directors

image of Sol Jobrack"The San Joaquin voters passed Measure K, entrusting the San Joaquin Council of Governments to deliver the Measure K promise. SJCOG is committed to transforming streets and roads and infusing Measure K dollars which enhance bus and rail transit in San Joaquin." 

SJCOG Board Chair, Councilmember Sol Jobrack, City of Stockton 


Leo Zuber"Measure K dollars make transportation improvements possible every year throughout San Joaquin County. This support is especially important to the smaller communities. Our residents continue to benefit from the roadway improvements as well as the growing network of bus and rail connections in the county and the region, all of which are supported by Measure K." 

SJCOG Vice Board Chair, Councilmember Leo Zuber, City of Ripon 

Doug Keuhne"The City of Lodi was able to start engineering work for the Route 99/Turner interchange and Measure K leveraged additional state funding. Helping communities is possible through Measure K."

Mayor Doug Kuehne, City of Lodi 


Councilmemeber Jesus Andrade, City of Stockton "Measure K is a critical funding source for upgrading San Joaquin’s roadway and public transit systems. The half-cent sales tax has kept San Joaquin County moving-- people can get to their jobs and goods can get to market more efficiently. The infrastructure solutions from the Measure K Program help businesses and communities thrive throughout the region." 

Councilmember Jesús Andrade, City of Stockton 

Walt Murken"Local street and road maintenance is a high priority for the City of Escalon. Escalon invests Measure K funds to fix potholes and make pavement repairs to city streets. Measure K allowed the City of Escalon to do a major rebuild of Escalon Avenue." 

Councilmember Walt Murken, City of Escalon 


Charles Winn"I wanted to recognize the community at large who have supported the projects we have in the County. With Measure K, I think every year we improve the transportation system in San Joaquin County which is certainly one of my top priorities." 

Supervisor Chuck Winn, San Joaquin County 


Sonny Dhaliwal"The San Joaquin voters approved Measure K funding to make a difference on the freeways, streets, and public transit system. The City of Lathrop is already seeing how Measure K benefits the region and our city residents with local street and road maintenance. Interchange improvements at I-5/Louise Avenue and I-5/Lathrop Road are also other projects the City of Lathrop is undertaking in the Measure K Program." 

Mayor Sonny Dhaliwal, City of Lathrop 

Robert Rickman"Our community relies on the timely delivery of goods and services, as well as improved mobility for commuters.  The voter-approved Measure K program supports a safe and efficient transportation system, which is essential for our community and our vibrant economy." 

Mayor Robert Rickman, City of Tracy 


Kathy Miller"San Joaquin voters told us the transportation improvements they wanted to see with their approval of Measure K.  Every day, SJCOG is showing communities that we listened.   The Measure K dollars build and enhance San Joaquin’s transportation system. It is an investment in our economy and our communities." 

Supervisor Kathy Miller, San Joaquin County 


Gary Singh"The City of Manteca has applied Measure K funds to construct the SR 120/Union Road Diverging Diamond Interchange--the first of its kind to be built in California. This innovative interchange is unique in the way it shifts traffic to the left side of the road, before its shifted back to the right.  When constructed, City of Manteca --with the help of Measure K--will relieve congestion and enhance safety to those traveling on the new SR 120/Union Road interchange for many, many years to come."  

Councilmember Gary Singh, City of Manteca 

Bob Elliott"San Joaquin County applies its Measure K funds to fix or improve local streets, roads, and regional arterials that benefit County residents. As one example, San Joaquin County is leading the Grant Line Road Corridor Improvements Project, currently in the project development stage. This is a widening project to facilitate goods movement, economic development, transportation safety, and capacity improvements." 

Supervisor Bob Elliot, San Joaquin County 

Dan Wright"San Joaquin County’s balanced and sustainable transportation system would not have been possible without the support and vision of the San Joaquin voters who passed Measure K.  Measure K helped to complete construction of the first HOV Lanes on I-5 in the San Joaquin Valley—a project benefiting the regional economy and our environment. Measure K makes the differences our public demands; one half cent at a time." 

Vice Mayor Dan Wright, City of Stockton 

Dennis T. Agar"The travelling public has really adapted to the Diverging Diamond Interchange. Congrats to SJCOG and the City of Manteca for the success of that [Measure K] project and its impact on the region." 

Director Dennis T. Agar, Caltrans District 10 


Gary GiovanettiMeasure K is a major source of funding for the San Joaquin Regional Transit District (RTD) and helps RTD achieve its mission of providing a save, reliable, and efficient transportation system for our region.  Measure K funding contributed to the construction of RTD’s Regional Transportation Center, a state-of-the-art facility that consolidates all of RTD’s operations and maintenance services. In addition, Measure K has provided the required local match to federal funds for RTD’s Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system which increased transit service efficiency and reliability in Stockton.  RTD was the first transit agency in the state to deploy an all battery-electric BRT routes and Measure K provided the additional resources needed to fully fund the service. 

 Director Gary Giovanetti, San Joaquin Regional Rail District 


anthony barkett"Measure K supports the local economy by facilitating infrastructure projects that help goods movement and job growth." 

Commissioner Anthony Barkett, Port of Stockton


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