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A Year in Review

A Message from our Chair and Executive Director 

The year 2018-19 was another year of success for transportation in San Joaquin County. With MeaPortrait of SJCOG Board Chair Mayor Doug Kuehnesure K and the support of our great transportation employees throughout the county, the future will mirror that success even with the temporary setback of COVID-19.

But as we celebrate past successes we can not help but acknowledge the challenges to be faced in the coming months with the COVID-19 crisis in this region, the state and the country.

During this time public agencies have stepped up their efforts at maintenance of roads and streets. There is also an understanding that we need to invest our Measure K funds in getting needed roadway and transit efforts ready for the job rich construction projects that will help pull our communities out of the economic setback of the past few months. Projects such as 120/99 interchange improvements, the McKinley/120 interchange, and the expansion of ACE rail service to Sacramento and Modesto are moving to construPortrait of Executive Director Andrew T. Chesleyction  in the next couple years. These are the kind of efforts that will make a difference to our economy and our mobility.

A great thank you goes out to the public works staff, the public transit staff, and the employees of the contractors putting in extra time and effort during this difficult time. Their efforts are bringing real value to our Measure K investments, improving public safety and addressing the needs of the most vulnerable among us. And a special thank you as well to our citizens who have made the maximum use of working from home. At the same time, we have seen the number of vanpools, not only maintain their numbers but actually add to the fleet on the road.

We are gratified by the continued success of the Measure K program in bringing improved transportation to San Joaquin County and the traveling public. Thank you to the citizens of San Joaquin County for Measure K and their considered investment in transportation

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