San Joaquin Council of Governments, CA

Andrew T.  Chesley
Andrew T. Chesley
Executive Director
Mr. Chesley, an operatic soloist trapped in the body of a government bureaucrat, earned a B.A. from Miami Univ. of Ohio, and an M.A. from the University of Iowa. He is responsible for the management of COG's transportation planning, the implementation of the Measure K transportation sales tax program (of which he is the author), and several other regional planning activities including the implementation of the San Joaquin County Multi-Species Habitat Conservation and Open Space Plan. A resident of Stockton, California, Mr. Chesley has been Chair of the Regional Transportation Planning Agencies of California, is an officer of California's Self-Help Counties Coalition, is a member of the Institute for Transportation Engineers, the American Planning Association, the American Public Works Association and has been a speaker at state and national conferences of the American Planning Association, the American Society for Public Administrators, the National Association of Regional Councils and the National Transportation Research Board. Married, and with 21 year old twins, Mr. Chesley plays golf, tennis, and basketball all with the same swing.