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Jul 31

Looking into the Future: Driverless Vehicles

Posted on July 31, 2018 at 5:07 PM by Summer Anderson

Driving. The word implies an action being taken in a vehicle. If someone were asked to draw a picture that represented this word there would most likely be a person in the front seat guiding a car’s wheel. But what if that word soon evoked a different image? One where the car had no driver and just passengers? From this depiction ideas of the supernatural or science fiction may be stirring in the head of many, yet this image is no longer under the pretense of ghosts or fiction, it is becoming a reality for the future. Technological advancement is weaving driverless vehicles (otherwise known as autonomous vehicles) into the fabric of modern day transportation systems. Planning agencies across the United States are heavily considering both the benefits and disadvantages of investing in these cars. Here is a summary of their findings:
Driver-less Cars

Driverless cars are great in theory but still have a long way to go before they become an official form of accessible transportation. Like any great theory, it must continue to be put through critical analysis. This is neither to disapprove or approve their purpose, rather it is the present state of their condition. Technology has already expanded beyond itself in such a short period of time over this last decade. The image of a computer has consistently changed, so has that of the telephone, who knows maybe our cars will as well.

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