Community Diversity and Displacement Study

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Building upon an emerging regional discourse on gentrification and displacement in San Joaquin County, SJCOG will conduct an assessment to understand the risk of gentrification and displacement in the region. While the gentrification and displacement assessment may begin with a transportation lens, there may also be other perspectives to incorporate from economic development, workforce education and training, as well as public health. 

G D MapBackground: San Joaquin County is home to some of the most vulnerable communities in California, with a majority of census tracts identified in San Joaquin County among the top 25th percentile of CalEnviroScreen 3.0. In addition to the demographic population and housing trends, a significant body of literature examines the impact of public transit investment on property values, which in turn impact housing affordability. With greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector continuing to rise, state priorities are focused on increasing investment in transportation alternatives and targeting growth in existing communities to reduce driving. However, these strategies could have unintended consequences such as accelerating gentrification and displacement. 

Project Team Enterprise Community Partners: Enterprise’s mission is to create opportunity for low-and moderate-income people through affordable housing in equitable, sustainable communities. As such, Enterprise has been committed to expanding the dialog on gentrification and its impacts as part of its underlying goal to ensure all households have equitable access to housing, transportation, and all of the opportunities they need to thrive. Enterprise has been an advocate nationwide for ensuring that public investments of all types benefit current and future residents, expanding access to services and prosperity for all. This includes honing our understanding of the unintended consequences of this investment and advancing solutions that safeguard vulnerable communities from displacement. 

University of California, Davis – Center for Regional Change: The Center for Regional Change (CRC)is a catalyst for innovative, collaborative, and action-oriented research. The CRC's goal is to support the building of healthy, equitable, prosperous, and sustainable regions in California and beyond. It accomplishes this by bringing together researchers from different disciplines and building bridges between university, policy, advocacy, business, philanthropy, and other sectors. For more than a decade the CRC has partnered with civic and community partners in the San Joaquin Valley to engage in research that matters for this region, including in the areas of community health and wellbeing, environmental justice, affordable housing, and comprehensive socioeconomic data mapping.