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San Joaquin County's population continues to grow, having surpassed 700,000 residents in 2012, and it now has 745,424 people in 2017. In fact, since 2014, San Joaquin County has increased in population at a rate higher than California or the United States as a whole. Stockton is the most populous city in the county with more than 300,000 residents, followed by Tracy and Manteca. According to Pacific's Center for Business and Policy Research, San Joaquin County is expected to exceed 1 million people by 2040. 

Total San Joaquin County Population

How does this compare to statewide and national growth?

While fluctuating at times, San Joaquin County is growing at a rate equal to or exceeding both California and the United States. San Joaquin County had a slight population decline in 2007, when the housing crisis hit the county especially hard after a 2006 growth.

San Joaquin County future population growth

The Center for Business and Policy Research (CBPR) conducts research to project future Northern San Joaquin Valley populations. This graph forecasts both the NSJV and San Joaquin County populations. The total for NSJV in blue includes San Joaquin populations, as well as Stanislaus and Merced County populations.

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