Working directly with the public and key stakeholders is essential to the success of the SJCOG. We love to hear from you on how to better San Joaquin's transportation network and infrastructure. If you have any questions regarding what we do, feel free to call on us.


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  1. Diane Nguyen

    Diane Nguyen

    Executive Director
    Phone: 209-235-0442

  1. image for Steve Dial

    Steve Dial

    Deputy Executive Director/Chief Financial Officer
    Phone: 209-235-0584

  1. image for Kim Anderson

    Kim Anderson

    Deputy Director of Planning
    Phone: 209-310-0884

  1. image for Ryan Niblock

    Ryan Niblock

    Deputy Director of Programming and Project Delivery
    Phone: 209-235-0588

  1. Joel Campos

    Joel Campos

    Associate Regional Planner
    Phone: 209-235-1090

  1. Jay Helva

    Jay Halva

    Assistant Programming Analyst
    Phone: 209-235-0582

  1. ANDERSON_ISAIAH-0001 (1)

    Isaiah Anderson

    Associate Regional Planner
    Phone: 209-235-0452

  1. YEE_JOYCE_001

    Joyce Yee

    Assistant Regional Planner
    Phone: 209-235-0589


    Rofannie Chan

    CivicSpark Fellow
    Phone: 209-400-9002

  1. image for Christine Corrales

    Christine Corrales

    Senior Regional Planner
    Phone: 209-235-0128

  1. Christine Tran

    Christine Tran

    Assistant Regional Planner
    Phone: 209-235-1095

  1. Angela Carranza

    Angela Carranza

    CivicSpark Fellow
    Phone: 209-690-8517

  1. Young_Julia

    Julia Young

    FUSE Executive Fellow
    Phone: 209-235-0405

  1. image for Yvette Davis

    Yvette Davis

    Communications Manager
    Phone: 209-235-1092

  1. Keith Michaud

    Keith Michaud

    Communications Journalist
    Phone: 209-235-0593

  1. Danielle Lagorio

    Danielle Lagorio

    Assistant Program Specialist
    Phone: 209-235-1091

  1. photo of Melissa Ablang

    Melissa Ablang

    Administrative Technician
    Phone: 209-235-1093

  1. image for Rosie Gutierrez

    Rosie Gutierrez

    Office Administrator
    Phone: 209-235-0407

  1. Sara Hersom

    Sarah Hersom

    Administrative Technician
    Phone: 209-235-0409

  1. image for Katy Castro

    Katy Castro

    Administrative Technician
    Phone: 209-235-0591

  1. image for Grace Orosco

    Grace Orosco

    Manager of Finance
    Phone: 209-235-0454

  1. image for Lynnetta Castle

    Lynnetta Castle

    Senior Accountant
    Phone: 209-235-0580

  1. photo of Greg Solario

    Gregory Solario

    Junior Accountant
    Phone: 209-235-0587

  1. Daljit Saini

    Accounting Assistant II
    Phone: 209-235-0583

  1. Rosie Zeiter

    Rosie Zeiter

    Accounting Assistant I
    Phone: 209-235-0581

  1. Gabriela Zamora

    Gabby Zamora

    Administrative Technician
    Phone: 209-235-0450

  1. Ariana Talosig

    Ariana Talosig

    Administrative Technician
    Phone: 209-235-0444

  1. image for Steve Mayo

    Steve Mayo

    Program Manager
    Phone: 209-235-0585

  1. image for Laurel Boyd

    Laurel Boyd

    Associate Habitat Planner
    Phone: 209-235-0574

  1. image for Vikram Sharma

    Vikram Sharma

    Information Technology Manager
    Phone: 209-235-0445