2018 Public Outreach

RTP Timeline - Adoption
  1. Public Outreach Summary
  2. Round 2 Public Workshops
  3. Round 1 Survey Results
  4. Champions

Collage of public outreach photos

Thank you to the many residents who provided their input throughout the two-year planning process that resulted in the 2018 Regional Transportation Plan & Sustainable Communities Strategy (RTP/SCS)! You can see a summary of public outreach and community engagement activities in the following documents included in the 2018 RTP/SCS:

  • - Chapter 2: Civic Engagement provides a brief summary of the public outreach and engagement process throughout the plan development process.
    • - Appendix K: Civic Engagement is a compilation of supporting materials for Chapter 2, including reports and analysis on public input, as well as public outreach materials and results.