RTP/SCS Overview

What is the RTP/SCS?

The Regional Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy (RTP/SCS or Plan) is a long-range vision and investment plan that provides a comprehensive look at future transportation needs in San Joaquin County. The Plan considers future population growth and housing needs, as well as economic, environmental, and public health goals. The Plan maps out how the region will integrate transportation and land use, with the ultimate goal of providing transportation options to help the region grow in a financially and environmentally responsible way. It also contributes to California state goals of reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and miles driven on the road.

Why is there an RTP/SCS?

Federal and state regulations require every region in California to adopt an RTP/SCS in order for transportation projects to qualify for federal and state funding.

What is SJCOG's role in developing the RTP/SCS?

In San Joaquin County, SJCOG serves as the Regional Transportation Planning Agency (RTPA) and the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO). These state and federal designations give SJCOG the authority to develop, adopt, and regularly update a long-range regional transportation plan. Under these roles, SJCOG is responsible for leading the RTP/SCS process every four years to reflect emerging trends in population growth and economic development, as well as to report progress on projects and Plan performance. The current RTP/SCS was adopted by the SJCOG Board of Directors in 2014, and work is now underway for the 2018 RTP/SCS update.

What is in the 2014 RTP/SCS?

The 2014 Plan reflects a sustainability vision for the year 2040, seeking to:
  • Enhance the environment for existing and future generations;
  • Offer more choices for getting where we need and want to go;
  • Increase safety and security;
  • Preserve the efficiency of the existing transportation system;
  • Support economic vitality;
  • Improve public health and build on active transportation; and
  • Ensure equity and access for all San Joaquin residents.
Over time, residents will see and experience incremental benefits in overall quality of life and the built environment of San Joaquin County. By planning today, we can create a region we will be proud to leave to future generations. To view the 2014 Plan, click here.

What happens during the RTP/SCS development process?

The Plan consists of four main components:
  1. Regional Growth: How much will the population grow? How does this translate into housing and jobs? Where will these jobs be located?
  2. Transportation Options: How will the transportation system move people and goods safely and efficiently throughout the region?
  3. Benefits of the Plan: What improvements will be gained in the areas of mobility, quality of life, economy and environment?
  4. Funding Plan: Based on expected levels of revenue, how will the transportation projects included in the Plan be implemented?

These important questions help guide the process of planning by shaping different scenarios that combine different land use and transportation options to help meet regional goals. The public, stakeholders, and public officials will have opportunities to provide their opinions about the transportation and growth options, and overall plan goals via meetings, workshops, and/or other opportunities. The SJCOG Board of Directors will then consider public input on the scenarios to develop a preferred scenario that will be included in the draft Plan. The public, stakeholders, and public officials will have another opportunity to provide input on the draft Plan before it is finalized and adopted by the SJCOG Board of Directors. To receive updates on the RTP/SCS development process, please sign up for notifications.

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