Plan Goals & Targets

The Regional Transportation Plan / Sustainable Communities Strategy (RTP/SCS) is an ambitious regional plan that guides strategic investment of limited funds from local, state and federal sources. And it requires close consultation with cities, counties, business and community groups, and the general public. In 2014, the planning process yielded the transportation goals valued and prioritized across the region. These transportation goals are presented here.


Enhance the Environment for Existing & Future Generations

  • Encourage efficient development patterns that maintain agricultural viability and natural resources
  • Enhance the connection between land use and transportation choices
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and vehicle miles traveled per capita to improve air quality

Maximize Mobility & Accessibility

  • Increase investment in bus and rail transit, as well as active transportation
  • Add Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) routes on Martin Luther King Jr., West Lane, and March Lane corridors and improved frequency on intercity routes

Preserve the Efficiency of the Existing Transportation System

  • Decrease urban footprint
  • Encourage high quality transit areas by locating housing and employment near major transit routes and stations
  • Invest in mainline highway systems, preventative maintenance, and improvements for the existing transportation system
Economic Vitality

Support Economic Vitality

  • Create over 4,800 jobs through the construction of RTP/SCS projects
  • Support goods movement and economic centers through infrastructure improvements

Increase Safety & Security

  • Transportation System Management Improvements
  • Railroad grade separation projects
  • Incorporate advanced technology to reduce the number and severity of traffic incidents
Public Health

Improve Public Health

  • Increase residential density
  • Enhance sense of community and place making through investments in sidewalks, pedestrian streetlights, landscaping, and traffic calming
  • Decrease pollutants per capita
Active Transportation

Build on Active Transportation

  • Invest in bicycle and pedestrian projects
  • Increase trip mode share in active transportation by decreasing daily automobile trips
Social Equity

Ensure Social Equity

  • Improve housing mix by increasing diversity of options, namely high density housing
  • Decrease percent of household income spent on transportation costs
  • Improve transit accessibility, especially in environmental justice communities

Learn more about how SJCOG will measure progress on these goals.