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San Joaquin County employment is currently increasing. Before the recession, San Joaquin County’s employed population was slightly more than 250,000 people, but in 2016, the county surpassed pre-recession employed populations by more than 40,000 workers and continues to climb past 300,000 workers (see graph below).

Unemployment Rates
As the second graph reveals, San Joaquin County is improving from high unemployment following the recession, and continues to decrease to around 8% in 2016.

Employment is on the rise in San Joaquin County, according to Center for Business and Policy Research. They project that employment numbers will grow dramatically over the next 40+ years. Not only is employment going to grow in San Joaquin County, but the number of jobs in different fields are projected to grow as well. CBPR forecasts the highest growth in the government sector. Job Industries 
The San Joaquin County’s job market has suffered since the recession but is recovering and improving above pre-recession levels. Job types in San Joaquin County include educational, health care, social services, retail trade, and professional scientific/management industries. Other categories also make up more than 5% of residents. Here is general industry participation:

Job Industry types

A further 2016 job breakdown shows that the following industries contain the largest population percentages:

San Joaquin County may grow in these industries. The county’s employment will continue to rise in the next 25 years. (Source:
UOP CBPR)Employment Prediction