Man and child walkingHealth Factors

Many factors can impact San Joaquin County’s health, includes air quality, disease and mortality rates, disability, and more. We track these factors to help increase quality of life and longevity for the San Joaquin County residents.

This life expectancy graph compares cities and regions within San Joaquin County. Stockton's average life expectancy (78.6 years metro area) lags behind those of other incorporated cities and California as a whole. Graph data comes from and the San Joaquin County 2016 Community Health Needs Assessment.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the rate of persons under 65 with disabilities in San Joaquin County (12.4%) is comparable to the nation's rate (12.7%), but exceeds the state's rate (10.7%). The number of persons under 65 without health insurance in San Joaquin County (1%) exceeds national levels (0.8%), but is less than the state's levels (1.1%). The graph below illustrates the county’s numbers compared to California and the U.S.

Health and Wellness Factors

The 2022 Regional Transportation Plan tracks Health and Wellness factors. SJCOG’s scenario planning indicators take into account regional land uses' effects on public health to predict the average Body Mass Index (BMI) and the percentage of the population with Type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease and hypertension in the future of San Joaquin County.

San Joaquin County Obesity Rates

The charts below show that San Joaquin County’s obesity rate for adults exceeds that of California. (Source: 2016 Community Health Needs Assessment)

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