Adult EducationSchool Facts

San Joaquin County has more than 14 school districts, 200 schools, and 135,000 students. For more info, here is a San Joaquin School Enrollment Map.

The region houses the University of the Pacific, a private university — and the oldest chartered university in California (established 1851). San Joaquin Delta College (SJDC), an accredited two-year community college, also provides undergraduate studies at two campuses in Stockton and Mountain House. Lastly, CSU Stanislaus Stockton Campus at University Park offers upper division courses for several undergraduate degree programs.

San Joaquin County Graduation Rates

San Joaquin County lags behind California and the rest of the United States in both high school graduation rates and college degree attainment. In fact, San Joaquin ranks 46th out of 58 California counties with its 83% high school graduation rate. Nevertheless, more than half (23.1%) of San Joaquin residents 25 and over attended at least some college. Read the latest Regional Analyst on this issue.

Educational Attainment

Total Population with a Bachelor's degree or higher in San Joaquin County

Business 17,688
Education 9,035
Science and Engineering31,809
Science and Engineering Related Fields
Arts, Humanities and Others 21,775

San Joaquin County College Enrollments

Both University of the Pacific (4,532 full-time equivalent students in 2017) and San Joaquin Delta College (14,705 FTES) have experienced minor enrollment declines in recent years. For UOP, this has been offset by increases in enrollment in its Sacramento and San Francisco campuses. At SJDC, the most popular program is general mathematics, with 1,864 students enrolled in 2017.