The Freeway Service Patrol (FSP) is a free service that provides motorist aid on major freeways in the SanFSP program logo Joaquin region. Recently expanded due to increased funding from SB 1 (the state gas tax fund), the program operates on 36 miles of freeways and averages 6,000 assists per year.  
Managed in partnership with SJCOG, CHP, and Caltrans, the program utilizes a fleet of roving tow and service trucks designed to reduce traffic congestion by efficiently getting disabled vehicles running again, or by quickly towing those vehicles off of the freeway to a designated safe location.

Quickly removing motorists and their disabled vehicles from the freeway reduces the chances of further incidents caused by onlookers and impatient drivers. In addition, FSP helps save fuel and reduce air polluting emissions by reducing stop-and-go traffic.

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The service is absolutely FREE to motorists. If you get stuck on the freeway, FSP will:

  • Offer you a gallon of gas, if you run out
  • "Jump start" your car, if the battery is dead
  • Refill your radiator and tape leaky hoses
  • Even change a flat tire, if you have a spare

If they cannot get your car going in a short period of time, they will tow it off the freeway (free of charge) to a safe drop location approved by the CHP.  

Please note, the FSP driver...

  • Cannot tow your vehicle to a private repair service or residence
  • Does not recommend tow service companies, repair or body shops
  • Does not tow motorcycles
  • Does not assist vehicles which have been involved in accidents, unless directed by CHP
  • Will report any accident to the CHP

FSP drivers patrol continuously during the hours listed above. For immediate assistance, please call 5-1-1. Always remain near your vehicle in an area where you feel safe. FSP drivers cannotprovide assistance to unattended vehicles.