Each year, SJCOG - as the Local Transportation Authority for San Joaquin County - collects the half-cent sales tax and uses the money to fund a specific list of transportation projects and programs as outlined in the Strategic and Expenditure plans. 

Notice of Measure K Renewal Expenditure Plan Amendments (approved on 8/24/17) 
The SJCOG Board approved four amendments to the Measure K Renewal Expenditure Plan. The deadline to override amendments is October 9, 2017.
  1. Annual Report
  2. Expenditure Plan
  3. Strategic Plan
 SJCOG publishes an annual report outlining the progress of Measure K projects throughout the county. The report highlights ongoing projects funded --all or in-part--through the Measure K program. 
 Image of Cover of 2015-2016 Measure K Annual Report
 Image of Cover of 2014-2015 Measure K Annual Report
 Image of cover of 2012-2013 Measure K Annual Report
 Image of cover of 2011-2012 Measure K Annual Report
 Image of cover of 2010-2011 Measure K Annual Report
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