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What is Measure K? 

Measure K is the voter approved half-cent sales tax for transportation projects in the San Joaquin region, generating millions in new revenues for rail and public transit networks. Since it's passing and renewal, Measure K funds have been allocated to 46 projects that support San Joaquin County's economy, comm unities, and mobility.

When did Measure K go into effect? 

Measure K was passed in 1990 and renewed in 2007 for an additional 30 years. The renewal of Measure K is estimated to generate $2.552 billion for transportation programs.

What projects does Measure K fund?

Measure K has financed numerous highway expansions, pedestrian-friendly projects, bike paths, and local road improvements throughout San Joaquin County and has generated millions in new revenues for rail and public transit networks. It has also invested in preserving and maintaining local streets and roads. 

Who benefits from Measure K?

Measure K benefits the people living and travelling through San Joaquin County by improving roads and highways as well as quality of life through pedestrian friendly bike and public transit projects.

How does Measure K work? 

San Joaquin County is "Self Help County", which funds transportation improvement projects through a voter-approved sales tax. This video explains how San Joaquin and other self-help counties are able to improve transportation with the mission of "Promises Made, Promises Kept." 

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