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San Joaquin County has more than 14 school districts, 200 schools, and 135,000 students. The area houses University of the Pacific, a private university and the oldest charted university in California (established 1851). San Joaquin Delta College, an accredited two-year community college, also provides undergraduate studies.
Educational Attainment

Total Fields of Bachelor's Degrees

 Major Estimate of Graduates
Business  16,054
Education  8,921
Social Science  7,134
Biological, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences  6,468
Liberal Arts and History   5,790
Engineering  5,523
Psychology  4,082
Literature and Language  2,998
Computers, Mathematics, and Statistics  2,875
Visual and Performing Arts  2,841

Median Income Based on Educational Attainment
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San Joaquin County School Enrollment Map