Under the role of Regional Transportation Planning Agency (RTPA), SJCOG is responsible for developing the region’s funding priorities for the State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) and for submitting the projects to the California Transportation Commission (CTC) by way of the Regional Transportation Improvement Program (RTIP).

The Regional Transportation Improvement program (RTIP), which is updated every two years, spans five years and includes a list of highway, local road, transit, and active transportation projects the San Joaquin region proposes for funding.

The primary purpose of the RTIP is to help implement the San Joaquin region’s adopted long range Regional Transportation Plan and Sustainable Communities Strategy (RTP/SCS), which guides the region’s transportation investments over a 20 to 25 year period. The RTP/SCS is developed through an extensive public participation process and reflects the unique mobility, sustainability, and air quality needs of the San Joaquin region.

The projects contained within the 2016 RTIP will help enhance the environment for existing and future generations; maximize mobility and accessibility; increase safety and security; preserve the efficiency of the existing transportation system, support economic vitality; maximize cost effectiveness; and improve the quality of life for residents.

Adopted RTIP

Final RTIP
The 2016 RTIP was adopted by the SJCOG Board on November 19, 2015 and revised on February 28, 2016 as noted below.

*** Since the submittal of the 2016 RTIP, Caltrans prepared an amendment to the 2016 STIP Fund Estimate in response lower gasoline price-based excise tax revenue, changes resulting from the federal FAST Act, and other budget uncertainties. This new fund estimate forecasts even less funding available for the STIP program than previous estimates, resulting in the need for approximately $754 million of the currently programmed STIP projects to be deleted from the over $2 billion program. SJCOG has prepared a revised 2016 RTIP that deletes projects to help the CTC financially constrain the STIP. If future funding capacity is realized, the deleted projects will have the highest priority in a future RTIP.***

2016 Regional Transportation Improvement Program

Previous RTIPs

2014 Regional Transportation Improvement Program