San Joaquin One Voice® is SJCOG’s regional advocacy effort that assembles a public-private delegation to visit our Congressional and federal departmental representatives in Washington, D.C. The goal of this effort is to educate Congressional and federal departmental representatives on federal funding and regulatory relief needs, issues, and projects of regional significance to the San Joaquin region. The San Joaquin One Voice® delegation members also receive first-hand information on grants and other funding available to meet our regional priority needs.   

The dates for the 2018 San Joaquin One Voice® are April 15 - 19, 2018.

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Do you have transportation issues in your community that you would like discussed at the federal level? Do you have a priority project that impacts the region and you want local elected officials, business leaders, and stakeholders to discuss with our Congressional and federal representatives? 

If so, SJCOG is issuing a call for projects for the 2018 advocacy trip. Since SJCOG is a transportation planning agency, our focus is on transportation priorities and projects. However, the SJCOG Board will continue to review all other project requests as has been done in previous cycles - even if they are not transportation focused. 

Please submit any proposed projects that you may have in on the project request form. The information will be used to help educate federal elected officials, administration staff, and other decision makers. All proposed recommendations must be submitted by February 26, 2018 COB

If you plan to resubmit the same project request for consideration that was submitted last year, please make sure that you provide an updated version for review and consideration. We encourage new regional priorities as well.  Furthermore, if your agency is submitting more than one project request for consideration, please identify which is the number one priority followed with the 2nd, 3rd, etc.

The Board will review and select the priorities at their March board meeting. 

Project Request Form
Jurisdiction Endorsement Form
Project Submission Instructions