Commission Overview

The Airport Land Use Commission (ALUC) determines the type of development allowed near and surrounding the six public access airports within San Joaquin County.  Commissions have been established for all counties with public use airports within the state of California. ALUCs are formed with the specific intent of implementing state law (Public Utilities Code) regarding airports and surrounding land use compatibility. The SJCOG Board of Directors serve as the San Joaquin County Airport Land Use Commission. 


The 2009 Countywide Land Use Compatibility Plan*, along with the 2016 Stockton Metropolitan Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan, provides the guidance intended to minimize the public's exposure to excessive noise and safety hazards, as well as ensure that the approaches to airports are kept clear of structures and other conflicts that could pose an aviation safety hazard. 

Depending on location and type, proposed new land uses need to conform to the guidelines stipulated in the ALUCP. It is the responsibility of ALUC/SJCOG staff to work collaboratively with the incorporated cities and the County of San Joaquin, developers, and the public at-large to ensure that consistency is maintained between local land-use decision making process and the strategic areas surrounding each of the public access airports.

*2009 Countywide ALUCP applies to all airports within the San Joaquin County except Stockton Metropolitan.

Common Issues

“Hazard to Flight” increases the risk of a safe and clear path for airplanes.
“Bird strikes” have been identified multiple times as a possible “Hazard to Flight.”

Additional resources:
Federal Aviation Administration “Hazardous Wildlife Attractants On Or Near Airports,” U.S. Department of Transportation, N/A [PDF]
Federal Aviation Administration “Construction Or Establishment of Landfills Near Public Airports,” U.S. Department of Transportation, N/A [PDF]

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